4th Annual Google Test Automation Conference
October 21st, 22nd, 2009
Zurich, CH

What's new
Slides and videos of the talks are now available

Conference Objectives

The Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) aims to create a friendly atmosphere where participants can discuss cutting edge challenges in test automation, and evaluate potential solutions. A secondary goal is to use this unique forum to expose qualified, interested engineers to job opportunities in test engineering at Google.

Event Overview

GTAC 2009 will comprise 2 full days of sessions at the Google Zurich office and a speaker/committee dinner.


This year's conference is under the theme "Testing for the Web". We want to discuss test automation strategies, tools, and challenges present when creating applications for the web - realized both in the desktop and mobile environments. Please have a look at the call for proposals for more details.

Event History

The Google Test Automation Conference began in 2006 under the guidance and inspiration of Allen Hutchinson, then Test Engineering Manager. The first annual GTAC, then called LTAC, after its London location, was hosted at Google's London Office. Due to the tremendous success of LTAC it was decided that GTAC would be formalized as an annual Google conference for test engineers, the location rotating to cover diverse locations, interests and issues.

GTAC-09 Timeline

June 12th, 2009
 Conference announcement
June 12th - August 1st, 2009
 Apply as speaker
July  27th - August 28th , 2009
Apply as participant
August 15th, 2009
 Speakers are notified
September 7th, 2009
 Participants are notified
October 21st & 22nd , 2009  GTAC 2009

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Conference Committee Members

Andreas Leitner, Software Engineer in Test (ZRH)
Christopher Semturs, Software Engineer (ZRH)
Dirk Junghanns, Manager Test Engineering (ZRH)
Goranka Bjedov, Sr Test Engineer (MTV)
Juergen Allgayer, Director of Engineering Productivity in EMEA (ZRH)
Julius Harty, Sr Test Engineer (LON)
Markus Clermont, Manager Test Engineering (LON)
Phil Rollet, Manager Test Engineering (ZRH)

Event Coordination

Marie-Céline Patriarche (ZRH)
Kylie Swale (ZRH)

Google Zurich office